With Tekashi 6ix9ine officially off of house arrest, the rainbow-haired rapper's antics on social media have hit a new high. We're used to seeing the New York artist get on everyone's case about how he's undefeated on Billboard and how he can get away with a rap career even after snitching, but these days, he's been getting more and more dangerous.

Holding meet-and-greets with fans on the sidewalk, taking trips to the mall, and taunting his rivals is definitely not something that the judge would have advised him as appropriate post-release behavior but he has done each one of those things. Things seem to have caught up to him slightly as he was forced to take a trip to the hospital this week for a supposed arm injury.

"I got caught lacking in these streets," wrote 6ix9ine on a video of him inside the hospital, getting a cast fitted on his arm. It's unclear how he sustained the injury but, if his caption says anything, it could be pointing to his scuffle with a hater before his security snatched the man's phone. Maybe he was hurt in the process?

Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for him that he can't just run around the city like he used to. Or maybe it will serve as fuel for him to go even harder once he recovers.