Jade only gets to see her boyfriend during visitation hours but she's still representing for him in the streets. Every time she decides to wear a tank top, everybody around her will be fully aware that she is Tekashi69's ride-or-die. The rainbow-haired rapper was previously linked to Sara Molina, who gave birth to his daughter, but she's gone on a few tirades against the Brooklynite since his racketeering arrest. Weeks before he got locked up, 6ix9ine started dating Jade, one of the two strippers involved in Cardi B's beatdown case. Their relationship is still ongoing and despite 6ix9ine's legal trouble, Jade has stood by her man. After getting two tattoos (including a portrait that looks nothing like the rapper) to show her loyalty, the woman decided to get one more on her shoulder.

In a new video posted to her Instagram story, Jade casually showed off her new ink, dancing to Drake and flaunting a colourful new marking on top of the 69 portrait. It's not entirely clear what the tattoo is of but according to everybody's favourite 6ix9ine news source, DJ Akademiks, it is indeed related to the "GUMMO" rapper. 

How many more tattoos will Jade get before 6ix9ine gets out of jail? Will she cover her body one inch at a time with rainbow ink? Only time will tell.