Tekashi 6ix9ine ran into some trouble last weekend at ComplexCon. The rapper was stopped at his Los Angeles hotel's front door by Slim 400 and his crew. The situation evaporated with 69's departure. Some parts of the public have expressed worry concerning types of disagreements and their potential to start a full-blown rivalry between the nation's coasts. These individuals can now find some peace through Tr3yway's words.

The music manager filmed himself through Instagram live to address his artist's haters. The way he describes their being lost in the sauce is tinged with humor, unlike 69's rant. People can assume that his message is to be taken lightly, even when some phrases might sound harsher out of their context. Then again, the CEO might be serious.

"Why you ain't do nothing? Where's your security detail. Where're your shooters... in your hood?"
"Get Your money up. Get your shows up, get your touring up."
"I could help you with your careers, with your f*cking bank about situations."

Tr3way claims to be able to turn people's lives around while pointing out how some rappers don't have bank accounts. The manager's success with Tekashi 6ix9ine is undeniable. He isn't humble about the matter either, attaching the hashtag " New Deathrow" to shi social media posts