John David Washington's biggest movie premiere was dampened by Covid-19. Tenet, which was directed by Christopher Nolan and also co-stars Robert Pattinson, is a spy thriller with some interesting time elements worked in. Nolan, who has brought the world riveting cinematic experiences such as Inception and Memento, is back at it with another brain teaser. Many were worried that the film would struggle in a pandemic stricken world, but the film is doing decently. 

According to DeadlineTenet has crossed the $20 million mark at the Chinese box office, which should help push the film to a $100 million international haul. This is great news since there are many territories where the film is not showing. Most notably, the two biggest movie markets in America (Los angles and New York) are not showing the film amid shutdowns. Warner Bros. has yet to release domestic box office numbers, presumably because of this fact. Warner Bros will report all their numbers officially on Sunday morning.

Although China's support of Tenet is keeping the movie afloat on large scale, Mulan will hit theaters in China next week. This will undourcely heavily effect the numbers when it comes to Nolan's latest thriller. Have you seen Tenet yet?