Terence Crawford and Amir Khan took to Madison Square Garden on Saturday night for their WBO Welterweight title fight. Crawford dominated the fight from start to finish, although the bout ended in a very controversial way as Crawford hit Khan with a hard punch below the belt. Khan was down for quite some time and eventually, the fight was called off, with Crawford winning by way of Technical Knock Out. After the fight, Khan addressed his fans saying he was peeing blood after the fight and to stop claiming that he had "quit," like some were asserting.

In an interview with TMZ, Crawford is disputing Khan's claims, saying the fighter did, in fact, quit and that he actually took the "easy way out."

"I honestly feel like [Amir's trainer] stopped him before anything bad happened to him," Crawford explained. The fighter also said the fight is "something people will talk about for ages" which will make Khan regret his decision to ultimately quit the fight.

Crawford said that a fight with Errol Spence is what he'd like to do next, although his promoter and Spence's promoter are currently embroiled in a beef so it could be a while before we get to see that.