Earlier this week Terrence J's McLaren crashed into a tree and sources say his girlfriend Jasmine Sanders was the one behind the wheel and together they fled the scene. New reports from TMZ  say the former BET Host is now trying to get his $200K whip from an impound lot but he's having a tough time since it's involved in an ongoing investigation. 

The publication also notes how Terrence has reportedly denied talking to police and his girlfriend swears she wasn't involved in the accident. Apparently, some of the witnesses are conflicting since some saw Terrence get out of the driver's seat while others say it was in fact, Jasmine. The crashed happened in Studio City, California at around 12:30 AM on Tuesday morning and thankfully no injuries were reported. You can see a photo of the crash here

Jasmine took to Instagram to declare her innocence, telling followers she was not involved in an accident. "I genuinely enjoy sharing my life with you all via social media, however, it is very difficult to see such false portrayal about myself in the media."

Read her full post below.