It's hard to not think of Kendrick Lamar as being anything but famous and extremely successful in the music lane. Having just won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Music, for his work on DAMN, almost every move the Compton will make next will be a good one. The Brooklynn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews recently took us back to a time where he was one of the few people who recognized Kendrick. 

The actor paid a visit to Complex's Open Late series and said that he knew Kendrick was going to be big before he even knew it himself. "Years ago, like 2004 BET Awards, I'm walking and—probably a little later than that—I'm walking with my wife and I see this little kid in a hat and the whole deal," Terry says in the video below. "I'm like 'Oh my god!' I hit my wife, I'm like 'Becky! Becky! That's Kendrick Lamar!' He had a mixtape out, Section.80. I said, 'This dude is the future of hip-hop.' He was like, 'Me?' He was like, 'You know me?' I was like, 'Bruh, I work out to you.' I said, 'You are the future.'"

Kendrick remembered that moment and later called on Terry to star in his "These Walls" video. "He said, 'I remember it when you told me that I was going to be the It thing.' He said, 'I never forgot that because no one knew who I was at the time.'"

Peep the video below and see Terry talk about Kendrick at the 30-minute mark.