Michael Jordan is easily the greatest player to ever step on a basketball court, and by now, everyone should know that. During his time with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan was able to amass six NBA titles and obtained them over two separate three-peats. By now, this information should be common knowledge to the average sports fan. Even if you didn't watch "The Last Dance," these statistics are well-known by now. Unfortunately, if you're Terry Rozier, this isn't the case.

While speaking to Bleacher Report, Rozier admitted that he didn't know all that much about his team's owner. As he explained, he had no idea that Jordan had gone on to win two separate three-peats. However, Rozier made sure to note that he felt as though it was an incredibly impressive feat that everyone should be inspired by.

"Just actually seeing this documentary, I learned so much," Rozier said. "I didn't even know that they won three straight [championships two times]. I'm just being honest. ... To do things like that in this league, you have to be super special."

As you can imagine, the fans were quick to make fun of Rozier for his ignorance. Below, you can find some of the funniest replies to the situation.