Based on the seeds that the MCU and Kevin Feige planted in Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, fans are pretty sure the Skrulls will be an important part of everything moving forward. This makes it appear that the Secret Invasion storyline will be the next major plot now that the Infinity Saga is wrapped up. Phase 4 is about to kick-off in just over a month when Black Widow hits theaters. From there, the MCU will drop Eternals, Shang Chi, and Doctor Strange flicks before circling back around to the Mighty Thor. Entitled Thor: Love & Thunder, the god of thunder is the only original Avengers member to get a fourth film. Christian Bale was recently cast in the movie, and Tessa Thompson (who stars in the film as Valkyrie) has confirmed his role in the franchise. 

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Thompson stated, “We’re gonna have fun. We’re gonna have fun. Taika is writing, directing. Some familiar faces, some new people into the mix. Christian Bale’s gonna play our villain, which is gonna be fantastic.” The bombshell of a revelation has fans frantically investigating who Bale could be. Many believe that he will be granted the role of Silver Surfer, a sometimes villain/sometimes hero much like Loki or Nebula. Thor: Love & Thunder touches down on November 5, 2021.