One of the most unproblematic entertainers in the music industry is Tevin Campbell. As a teen, the singer brought us classics like "Can We Talk" and "I'm Ready," and throughout his longstanding career, Campbell has worked with the best of the best. He's remained relatively quiet about his life as he continues to make music and tour, but Jaguar Wright has shifted her sight once again and targeted the 43-year-old singer.

Tevin Campbell, Jaguar Wright, Prostitution, Drugs
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

We've heard quite a bit from Wright as she almost weekly adds another artist to the long list of industry professionals that she's called out in the media. Jaguar Wright has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Common, and The Roots, but she's more recently made headlines for blistering accusations including claims that Common sexually assaulted her and stating that both Mary J Blige and Alicia Keys are gay. Most of the artists the Wright publicly talks about have ignored her claims, but Tevin Campbell made it be known that he wasn't going to put up with her antics.

"I know Tevin but we're not friends," Wright said. "He ended up prostituting himself for drugs and change on Hollywood Boulevard. How does that happen with a gift like his?" Tevin didn't take to kindly to the accusation. "According to @jaguarwright I was a sex worker on Hollywood Blvd. It's called online defamation. Do. Not. Test. T.E.V.I.N. My lawyer is on deck. I would take that YouTube vid down if I were you."

He added, "My past is well documented and I've learned from it and I own it. I will not tolerate anyone telling lies about me online." Check out Wright's video and Tevin Campbell's response below.