Deshaun Watson has made it obvious that he would like off of the Houston Texans, which has come as a huge disappointment to fans of the franchise. Now, many are giving their predictions and hot takes on who should end up making the big move to trade for him. Despite this, it seems like the Texans have every intention of holding on to Watson, which could lead to a massive standoff that isn't going to look very good for the franchise.

According to Sports Illustrated, General Manger Nick Caserio spoke at a press conference today and said: “I just want to reiterate our commitment to Deshaun Watson. We have zero interest in trading the player. We have a great plan and vision for him. We look forward to spending more time with him."

Of course, Caserio is the new GM of the team, and his new head coach, David Culley, offered similar sentiments.

"He is a Houston Texan," Culley said. "I want him to be a Houston Texan. The reason I'm in this position today is because I know he's going to be a Houston Texan." 

Over the next few months, this is about to get a lot more interesting, although it remains to be seen if the Texans can do any real persuading. Watson seems to have made up his mind and the Texans will just have to deal with the punches as they come.