Bill O'Brien has been dealing with a whole lot of criticism over the past few years. Of course, as GM and head coach of the Houston Texans, O'Brien traded the team's 2021 first and second-round picks to the Miami Dolphins in a deal that didn't exactly work out for them. This offseason, he even traded away DeAndre Hopkins after creating a toxic environment for his wide receiver. In 2020, O'Brien's Texans jumped out to an 0-4 start which immediately led to frustration from Texans fans.

Well, now, the fans can let out that frustration as O'Brien was officially fired. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Texans made the decision swiftly this morning. With Deshaun Watson as their franchise quarterback, this team has no time to waste and they felt as though O'Brien just wasn't living up to his end of the deal.

Now, the Texans will be looking for a brand new head coach as well as a new General Manager. If the Texans want to make the postseason, they will have to begin that search immediately. This will be a decision that shapes the future of the franchise, so we're sure the organization will do their due diligence.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.