A man was arrested and charged over the weekend in Texas after he was accused of carving his name into his girlfriend's forehead, KSAT reports. 19-year-old Jackub Hildreth, who has a history of family violence, was accused brutally assaulting 23-year-old Catalina Mireles last Thursday after they began arguing. This story does contain graphic details about the assault.

Mireles explained that she and Hildreth had only been seeing each other for three weeks after meeting on Facebook. She recounted that they had an argument surrounding their relationship that eventually escalated into physical violence that resulted in fractures to her jaw. She explained that she was fearful of her life as Hildreth was held by the neck and punched her in the face "with a closed fist around ten times." Her jaw is now broken in three places.

Hildreth later tried to carve his name into her forehead, according to the affidavit. "He was going to put in the closet until he figured out what he was going to do with my body,” she said. Ultimately, Hildreth ended up evading the scene before the police arrived. He was later arrested the following day and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

At the time he was charged, there were warrants out for his arrest for family assault and burglary. He's being held on $75K bond.