The winter storm that has touched down in most parts of Texas is unlike anything the state has ever seen. It's reported that millions of residents are without water, power, and heat, and to make matters worse, thousands of homes are suffering leaks and severe water damage. Videos have flooded social media platforms from distraught citizens who are suffering through freezing temperatures as the water that has been leaking into homes has frozen over into solid ice. 

Earlier today, it was reported that 21 people have died as a result of the chaos in Texas, and people are clamoring to figure out just how this could happen in the second-largest state in the nation—the largest in the contiguous United States. While residents weep as they sit in their freezing, dark, and damp homes, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was reportedly photographed at the airport as he and his family made their way to Cancun, Mexico.

The internet erupted at the sight of the Republican Senator leaving the country as millions await some answers of how state officials will remedy the issues put on by this storm. Cruz was recently re-elected to his position and his pro-Trump support has often caused controversy. Unsurprisingly, thousands of reactions to Cruz's photos were logged online, so take a peek at just a few scathing responses.