The viral video of a stripper falling down a 15-foot pole during a performance became even more unfortunate when it was learned that she suffered serious injuries. The victim, Genea Sky, has been documenting her condition and recovery on social media, detailing that she fractured her jaw, sprained an ankle and broke teeth. The club where she was dancing, Dallas' XTC Cabaret, has now commented on the accident and is claiming no responsibility for it. 

Eric Langan, CEO of RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc., the company which owns the club, told TMZ that dancers are responsible when putting themselves at risk, since they choose their own routines. Essentially, Langan is saying that it was Sky's decision to climb to the top of that two-story pole, hence his company cannot be legally required to compensate her. However, he claimed that the club is looking for ways to offer Sky financial assistance. TMZ also reported that Langan made a disturbing remark about how Sky should worry about her health first and money second, even though that's obviously a luxury that not everyone can afford. 

While it remains uncertain whether the club will help Sky cover medical expenses, the good news is that her friend set up a GoFundMe page that has been attracting generous support. The page's goal was set at $20,000, but, as of this article's writing, has raised $31,260. The description notes that Sky will be out of work for some time due to her injuries, so donate if you can!