Teyana Taylor just announced a blockbuster of a collaboration, the second of its kind in about a week's time. Wu-Tang's feature on the new Logic project registered as a bit of coup for the young(ish) rapper. Not only was Logic able to lure the Wu-Tang out of their comfortable setting, but he tapped all 8 official members for one crowded arrangement. Teyana promises to be the next artist in the popular sphere to nab them on consignment.

Truth be told, the Wu-Tang show much less congruency even in their own private matters. It's been reported that for the longest time, some of the elder statesmen in the group had grown resentful of RZA's controlling nature. Couple that with the Shkreli entrapment saga, and you start to understand the model of scarcity which governs their mystique. 

Teyana Taylor's proclamation of a Wu-Tang collab doesn't offer any insight into the record, or the recording process. By the looks of the post, Teyana is dying of impatience, waiting for the song to clear the production line. She's had her breadbasket compromised in the past, so in a way, this call to attention could be a pressure tactic aimed at the higher-ups. Public knowledge of a Wu-Tang x Teyana collaboration is sure to send folks knocking on Kanye West's screen door.