Probably one of the best things to do as a celebrity is to give back to your loved ones. Cardi B raps about it on her latest album, and artists alike have proven it to be true with buying their parents houses, cars and blinged out jewelry. Miss Teyana Taylor is the latest to show her appreciation for a family member by getting her Nana a new BMW for her retirement. The 27-year-old posted the special moment on Instagram, that sees her family all taking part in the big reveal. 

"You’ve worked so hard for 52 years straight, barely taking a day off! Even when I told you that you never have to work another day again in life, You continued to work anyway because you loved and enjoyed your craft!" she captioned the video. "U deserve the world Nana!! Me, my mom & aunties wouldn’t be the women that we are today if it wasn’t for you."

We're still waiting on Teyana's upcoming album that's been talked about for some time now. The project is executively produced by Kanye West and it's expected to touch on "everything" in her life. 

"For me, it's a little bit of everything, it's hitting everything," she said. "I'm still not like I'm not a big uptempo girl so we still tryna find it as far as tempo, but it's good, I'm talking about everything."