Teyana Taylor has embraced motherhood with the zeal of a religious convert. It's no secret that her child Junie is not only a big part of her daily life but her social media feed. Taylor is but one example of modern mothers bringing a much-needed dose of glamor to the post-maternity stretch. The story of hubby delivering "Junie" with his bare hands without the supervision of a doula, is the stuff of legend.  

"Junie" Shumpert, a month away from her third birthday, played the test dummy game at her mother's whim, with Teyana choosing to dress her up as a child-size loofah. With many resources at her sources, Teyana Taylor made her child's costume divinely original. The question of self-determinism comes to the fore a couple years later, until then, Junie will remain Teyana's live-mannequin until the nagging commences.

For the occasion, Teyana placed her costumed child in the shower next to the other loofahs. In the caption contained in her IG post bringing the photo-op to light, Teyana thanked the designer that pieced together the outfit, complete with a rubber ducky trinket on the sponge head. 

"Junebug" turns 3 on December 16. There's no doubt in mind that Teyana will boot her up for that occasion as well.