Thailand's government is filing its own response "in the spirit of competition" to a dissident rap video posted by twelve of the most popular rappers in the country. The video titled "Prathet Ku Mee" which roughly translates to "What's My Country?" or “Which Is My Country?" has become a viral sensation in the Southeast Nation.

The popularity of the song, along with its stated cause, has prompted Thai authorities to file their response via the media. Instead of jailing the political dissidents, or restricting their movement, the Government has decided to issue a "rap diss" of their own.

On Thursday, the World bore witness to "Thailand 4.0," the government's response to criticism over the military's "oppressive" presence on the domestic front. So far, the response from the public is one of cringe-worthy laughter. 

"The country where the panther was slain by rifle. The country that preaches moral but crime rate higher than Eiffel," raps one of the 12 emcees speaking out in "Prathet Ku Mee."  

"The law can't fight against Dharma or Bible. Good people never saluted as idol," he continues.

Check out both videos, in order of succession. It shouldn't be too hard to spot which of the two was written by actual musicians.