Atlanta, and most of America, is currently mourning the soul-crushing defeat of the Falcons at the hands of the New England Patriots. The game was incredible, and it even produced a few memorable ads. To justify the multi-million dollar cost of a 30-second commercial spot, corporations approved monumentally huge production budgets to ensure their commercials stood out. Here are seven of our favorites:


Avocados from Mexico: '#AvoSecrets'

The Illuminati turn off the Gregorian chants to discuss the latest crisis at hand: the big secret about avocados is out.

Budweiser: 'Born the Hard Way'

Budweiser peddles its own origin story and takes a shot at Trump's immigration policy in one fell swoop: German immigrant Adolphus Busch endures the arduous journey to the United States and finally makes it to St. Louis, where he meets business partner Eberhard Anheuser.

Skittles: 'Romance'

Skittles rehashes John Cusack's famous boombox serenade from "Say Anything." Romance the rainbow!!

84 Lumber: 'The Journey Begins'

Fox "banned" this six-minute ad for its allusions to Trump's wall, which may have been a blessing in disguise: it is now the #1 most-trending video on YouTube.

Buick: Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr

Cam Newton stiff-arming children... 'nuff said.

Honda: 'Yearbooks'

Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliott, Stan Lee, and Jimmy Kimmel urge you to chase your dreams... and buy the new Honda CR-V.

AirBNB: 'We Accept'

AirBNB asserted its core value -- tolerance of others -- in its Super Bowl ad, and backed it up backed up by pledging $4 million to the International Rescue Committee to support displaced people around the globe.