There's no debating that The Alchemist is one of the greatest producers of all time, putting in decades of work and still going strong to this day. In fact, there's a case to be made that Al has been on his best run in years, lacing projects for elite lyricists like Freddie Gibbs, Conway, Boldy James, and more. And he shows no sign of slowing down either, if his latest onslaught of hype-inducing tweets is any indication. 


Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

First on Alchemist's list is Action Bronson's Only For Dolphins -- an album he isn't producing in its entirety, but contributing to all the same. Next is Black Vladimir by Meyhem Lauren and Daringer; given that Daringer is a beast on the beats in his own right, it's likely that Alchemist will be contributing a few cuts for that anticipated collaborative effort. The third is Body Language by Big Body Bes, an announcement that had fans immediately clamoring for its imminent release. Last but not least, and possibly the most intriguing of the bunch is The Food Villian, ostensibly a solo effort. 

Of course, many were quick to speculate the involvement of one MF DOOM, who has made ample use of both "food" and "villain" throughout his own legendary career. Should Alc be indeed teaming up with DOOM for a complete project, it will be the perfect icing on the cake for one of hip-hop's unsung heroes, respected in many circles but deserving of so much more. Show some love to The Alchemist, who has been quietly innovating for decades and shows no sign of slowing down.