Mike Amiri may be the unofficial designer of the Brooklyn drill scene, but he's taking his talents out west for this one.

"AMIRI’s Spring-Summer 2021 represents a proud homecoming and tribute to West Coast culture," the fashion house said in a statement. "As the community begins to reconnect, this season encourages a message of comfort inspired by an attitude of wellness and ease that is quintessentially Californian."

He has models walk across the home's minimalist basketball court as a sort of impromptu runway and a nod to the basketball inspired aesthetics: basketball shaped side bags and ball shorts are a staple in the new collection. 

Most strikingly, though, the runway show is scored by none other than LA's very own The Alchemist, who provides Amiri with an assortment of smooth beats that sound as West Coast as the collection feels. 

Check out Amiri's Spring/Summer 2021 runway show below. Are you feeling The Alchemist's soundtrack?