People cannot wait for the next Avengers movie. The end of the last one, Avengers: Infinity War, left the narrative hanging in a way that was unheard of for such a blockbuster and also killed off exactly half of the characters and half the people on earth. What could possibly result from this? This has been the burning question on comic book fans and everyone else since May when the film came out. Today we may have an answer, or at least the beginnings of one.

All signs (or at least, all rumours) point to an Avengers trailer releasing today, so keep your eyes peeled. Last year's trailer for Infinity War came out on Wednesday November 29th, today's equivalent in 2017. Gamespot also reports that there is a "special screening" tonight of Infinity War, at which the Russo Brothers will be in attendance, a likely venue for the trailer debut. Plus, there's an Avengers comic coming out on December 5th which is a prelude to the film and if they want to get the trailer out before that comic, time is running out. If you're in LA, check out the screening: