DC's FanDome event concluded with a massive reveal for Matt Reeves' highly anticipated film, The Batman. The new trailer shows fans the best look yet at Robert Pattison as the caped crusader. 

The Batman, Trailer, DC FanDomeDavid Livingston / Getty Images

DC films president Walter Hamada confirmed that Reeves' take on the hero will exist in a separate universe than the Justice LeagueWonder Woman, and Aquaman stories released recently: "What the multiverse allows you to do is sort of lean into this idea of you can tell just great stories and you don't have to really be as focused on it, and it has to fit within a singular continuity--on one Earth," he explained. "We have the Gal [Gadot] and Jason [Momoa] and Ezra [Miller] version of the Justice League, and we can continue telling those stories. While on a separate Earth, we don't have to worry about the continuity. We can have a more grounded real year two Batman and build out that world, and not really worry about continuity story elements.

The new trailer for The Batman sets the dark tone the film is expected to take. Pattison as Bruce Wayne and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon are featured most heavily in the trailer.