Cartoons aren't just for children, and leading streaming service Netflix knows that. The platform is filled with endless cartoon shows for adults, with one notable omission - Family Guy. Netflix dropped the classic animated adult series earlier this year, leaving many users of the platform lost for a new cartoon to watch. Seth McFarlane's series was a default "Netflix and Chill" show, a common ground series that could be safely thrown on in almost any situation. Since its departure, what else does Netflix have to offer? More than you would expect. 

The expansive number of entries on Netflix may be dizzying to sort through. The service has Anime, Adult, Dark Humor, Family, and Foreign cartoons aplenty, but many simply aren't worth the time and effort. For example, the dreadlocked, blue-eyed Tarzan and Jane show got a hard pass from us. After digging through a mountain of animated series, we came up with the ten best animated shows on Netflix right now. 

Our list offers a little of everything. Anime fandom is on the rise, and newcomers should check out classics like Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack On Titan. For the Netflix users that miss Family Guy, we recommend Big Mouth or Brickleberry; the latter is produced by Tosh from Tosh.0, so inappropriate laughs are assured. We also understand that the adult-oriented cartoons may not fit into a family viewing session. In that department, shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Voltron will satisfy kids of all ages. 

Without further ado, here is our list of the best animated series to watch on Netflix right now.