How It Ends

A month new to Netflix, and a Netflix Original film too, How It Ends stars Theo James, Forest Whitaker, and Kat Graham in an action-adventure movie about an apocalypse that spreads violence. A man and his soon-to-be father forge across the country in this tumultuous time, in order to try to save his pregnant wife.


This classic is great a way to let steam off, vicariously through the ultra-violent characters, of course. Although you probably know the story, here it is: Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) receives his green card in exchange for killing a Cuban government official, and once he enters America, he attempts to take over the Miami drug trade. He's successful, but his success also leads to his downfall.

Jackass 3.5

Feel like watching people get hurt? This movie contains all of the stunts that didn’t make it into Jackass 3D, that Johnny Knoxville and gang wanted the rest of the world to enjoy regardless-- in the privacy of their own homes.


The Stanford Prison Experiment

Based on a true story, this documentary explores the 1971 social psychology experiment dubbed The Stanford Prison Experiment, funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research. Twenty-four male students were assigned the role of either guards or prisoners in a mock-prison situation, that was expected to last for two weeks time. It's remained a controversial experiment to this day -- see for yourself.


A Beautiful Mind 

Based on the real life of John Nash, a brilliant mathematician, this movie follows Nash through his journey of groundbreaking discoveries in math and science, as well as trauma inducing self-discovery. He eventually won the Nobel Prize. This won't necessarily take you out of your sadness, but it's a film that you can watch and just let it all out too -- have your tissues ready.

Brain on Fire

Based on the true story of Susannah Cahalan, Chloe Grace Moretz plays the role of a journalist working for the New York Post. A girl who has her entire life ahead of her and is enjoying a respected role at her dream job develops a strange condition that changes her entire persona - and doctors cannot figure out what to do. Watch as she goes through the traumas of violence and insanity while one doctor may give her a chance at life.


Room is a favorite on Netflix. This movie tells the story of a young boy named Jack who is the result of a brutal rape of a hostaged woman. His mom calls their 10 by 10 square foot home, ‘Room,’ and raises Jack on imagination and love. When Ma grows tired of confinement she conducts an escape that leads Jack to the most frightening thing he’s ever seen - the outside world.


This whirlwind of a documentary tells the life of acclaimed singer, gone too soon, Amy Winehouse. It features clips of her most beautiful and most tragic moments, narrated by both her father and ex-fiance Blake Fielder, it the served as first time both of them spoke out after her death. The personal testimonies and intimate clips show you a side of Amy never before seen.

The Truman Show

Producer Christof (Ed Harris) orchestrates “The Truman Show,” a TV show that follows Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) around with hidden cameras and holds his life on a pedestal. Cristof plays with, and manipulates, Truman’s life (and mind), as is his prerogative as the producer of the TV show. But, slowly, Truman starts to realize the truth behind his so-called life, he has to choose whether to go along with it or not.

Donnie Darko

This is arguably one of the hardest movies to explain or even figure out, no matter what online forum you’re on. A boy named Donnie Darko sleepwalks out of his room to find a large demonic rabbit that tells him the world will end in 28 days. When he comes home, he finds that an airplane engine has crashed into his bedroom. Is the world ending or is Darko suffering from something else? You should watch this at least twice.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and his attorney drive a topless, red convertible through the desert to Las Vegas with suitcases full of guns and drugs. The two ruin their hotel room and flee out of fear, but nothing can keep them away from the drugs. This is the movie adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's famed novel of the same name-- and equally a classic.

Saving Banksy

This documentary film follows graffiti artist Banksy through the trials and tribulations of the artistic world. At the start of his career in 2010, Banksy blew up thanks to some vandalism-art in San Francisco. Now he has museums and other artists set out to ensure he fails. Watch him prevail.

Burn After Reading

When a disc of CIA information falls into the lap of Chad Feldheime (Brad Pitt), he makes it his mission to retrieve enough money to stop working in a gym. Information on the disc leads them on a twisted, dark, and often times hilarious journey.


The Boondock Saints

Two Irish-Catholic twin brothers are tired of the mob running the crime-ridden streets of Boston. They hunt down and kill each and every mob member they can find, but eventually they become controversial in their hometown. An FBI agent is closing in on their downfall.

Wedding Crashers

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star in this classic movie where the two spend their time running around crashing wedding reception after wedding reception. The Secretary of Treasury announces the wedding of his daughter and the duo could not be more thrilled. That is, until, Owen Wilson finds love. 


Set it Up

New York full-time assistants, Harper and Charlie, are sick and tired of their miserable bosses sucking up the joy in their lives. They set out to make their bosses fall in love and are successful. What could go wrong?

Hot Fuzz

After a London constable moves to a quite British village, he finds it hard adjusting to a different kind of life. Simon Pegg plays the role of Nicholas Angel, who notices something weird about the village after a series of unfortunate events.

Don't Think Twice

The gut-wrenching realities of being an actor in New York City start to creep in for an entire friend group after one of them scores a huge gig.

I Love You, Man

Peter Klaven has it all - a high earning job, a wife-to-be, and a beautiful home. The one thing he doesn't have - friends. With his wedding fast approaching and no best man, Peter sets off on the hunt to make a best friend. 


P.S. I Love You

When Gerry (Gerard Butler) dies he leaves his beloved wife Holly (Hillary Swank) behind. To ensure her happiness, he prepares a series of letters that she will receive on every birthday. All of the letters are designed to help her move forward, without him. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A struggling musician played by Jason Segal is better known as the boyfriend of successful actress 'Sarah Marshall.' When she becomes dissatisfied with him and breaks his heart, Segal sets out on an existential mission but somehow ends up stuck on an island with her and her new boyfriend. 

The Incredible Jessica James

Jessica is an aspiring playwright trying to make it in New York City after a harsh break up. She meets a guy named Boone who's also trying to rebound from a split. Together, they conquer the scene together. 

Love Actually

Nine different intertwined stories showcase the emotions of love. This is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy based in London, England. Don't let the Christmas theme fool you, cause it'll hit your heartstrings all year 'round (and, it is getting colder right?).


Alex Strangelove

A high school senior with the name, Alex Truelove, plans to lose his virginity to his girlfriend when he finds himself undeniably attracted to one of his male classmates. Follow him on his rollercoaster ride where he seeks an answer to his sexual identity. 



When a retired detective takes his last and final case with a newly-hired detective, they discover a large number of elaborate murders. They find that the suspect is killing people based on divine instruction: the Seven Deadly Sins. This 1995 classic movie stars Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, and Brad Pitt.  

The Departed

A South Boston cop played by Leonardo DiCaprio goes undercover to infiltrate the gangs in Boston. As soon as he gains the trust of a huge ganglord played by Jack Nicholson, the criminal mastermind played by Matt Damon infiltrates the Boston police department and reveals their secret plans. 

The Game

This 1997 film tells the story of a rich investment banker who is given a gift to play in a game. As lines intertwine between the bankers real life and the game, a conspiracy unfolds... 

Thor: Ragnarok

This fantasy film will surely ignite some sparks in your boring day. Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and needs to go up against his former ally the Hulk. Thor is in a race against time to protect his home from destruction.