In its infancy, Hulu was little more than a second-choice streaming service for Seinfeld fans that wanted to avoid shelling out some serious cash for a full box set. Undoubtedly playing second fiddle to Netflix as the initially-uncontested juggernaut of the streaming landscape, Hulu is now a force unto itself with a bevy of critically-acclaimed original series and exclusive add-ons like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and STARZ. While there's no denying that Netflix has an impressive collection of binge-worthy series in their catalog, (there's nothing like re-watching The Office and Friends for the 100th time, right?) Hulu's original content and outlet for cable shows means that there's always something to enjoy. With the rainy days of Spring now officially upon us, there's no better time to sit back and stream some seriously addictive television on your own schedule--and even ad-free, if you're willing to pay for premium. Looking to Hulu & chill but not sure where to start? We've got you covered with this comprehensive list of the very best series/standalone programs to watch right now. 


If you haven't been following Donald Glover's gripping dramedy series Atlanta since its premiere in 2016--don't worry, you can watch all 21 episodes exclusively on Hulu (sorry, Netflix). In Atlanta, follow the captivating story of Glover's Ivy League-dropout protagonist Earn as he struggles to get his cousin's rap career of the ground in a last-ditch attempt to give his family a better life. "I don’t like shows when they become risk-averse. I don’t think that’s the point – trying to self-preserve," says Glover of his commitment to authenticity, of refusing to sugar-coat the tough issues explored in Atlanta. "I’m not here to make seven seasons and a movie. That would be really bad. Unless we get to seven seasons, and I’m like: ‘This is actually perfect: somehow Atlanta became Game of Thrones.' But I’m not making a TV show, I am making an experience."

30 Rock

If you're a fan of equal parts absurdist comedy and razor-sharp wit, than Tina Fey's 30 Rock is the half-hour comedy for you. With all 138 episodes on Hulu, you can follow the entire arc of Fey's Liz Lemon character as she navigates the hectic workspace of her fictional late-night television show alongside a star-studded cast that includes Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer. With an ever-revolving carousel of celebrity cameos (Jerry Seinfeld, Donald Glover, Conan O'Brien, Whoopi Goldberg), 30 Rock will have you saying "I want to go to there" in no time.  

The Handmaid's Tale


The straight-to-streaming adaptation of Margaret Atwood's best-selling novel The Handmaid's Tale is, at the moment, one of the most prominent feathers in Hulu's cap. Equal parts cautionary tale and gripping fictional drama, The Handmaid's Tale explores a dystopian future in the brutal fallout of the Second American Civil War. Now a totalitarian society, former Americans now under the unforgiving and rigid rule of Gilead are subjected to a harsh class system in which fertile women called "Handmaids" are forced into a life of sexual servitude.


If you're a Donald Glover fan looking for a lighter outlet than Atlanta's grit and drama, the former NBC comedy Community is the perfect match for your comedy bingeing needs. Clever and jam-packed with jokes, follow the hilarious escapades of a rag-tag study group that attends a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado. Heavy with pop-culture references, Community's 110 episode run turns modern film and TV tropes on their head while offering a fresh take on both young adulthood and pressing the "reset" button later in life. 

Rick And Morty 

Somehow, Dan Harmon followed up on his Community success with the hilariously original animated series Rick and Morty. Originally premiering on Cartoon Network's late-night adult programming block Adult Swim, Rick and Morty is a science fiction sitcom that follows the blunders of mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his far-from-brilliant but good-natured grandson Morty Smith. Nabbing the 2018 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program and the Critics' Choice Award for Best Animated Series, Rick and Morty is the new standard for adult animation and is definitely worth the watch. 

Castle Rock 

If you're a Stephen King fan who loves the slow, steadily-building horror made famous by the prolific writer, than Castle Rock is the show for you. A self-contained horror anthology set in King's favored fictional Maine hotspot, Castle Rock spins an entirely new narrative around the characters and tropes made famous by the king of horror himself.  


If the mid-90s Coen brothers flick Fargo satisfied your need for slow-burn crime drama, then you'll be pleased to know that it's been repackaged into a crime anthology perfect for binge-watching. With each season covering a separate crime, there's enough gripping drama offset with laugh-out-loud dark comedy to keep you hooked for hours. Earning a series of Golden Globe/Emmy Awards, Fargo is both a fan-favorite and a critic's darling. 

Killing Eve 

Killing Eve is the product of mixing a black humor-heavy romantic comedy with a gritty spy thriller. When Eve, a brilliantly talented but bored M15 officer is tasked with hunting down the unpredictable and quizzically charming career-killer Villanelle, the two engage in a captivating game of cat-and-mouse that will have you on the edge of your seat for every episode. Are they falling into the rabbit hole of some kind of twisted obsession, with each woman tasked with killing the other? Is it completely platonic? Killing Eve has enough twists and turns to keep you coming back for more, again and again, even if you can't wrap your head around the dizzying dynamic between the two leads.  


Well-intentioned pizza delivery man? Check. Time travel? Check. Robots? Check. Lobster-like doctors? Double check. Animated by Matt Groening, the mastermind behind The Simpsons, Futurama follows the comedic pitfalls and mishaps of an interplanetary delivery service and has earned an impressive seven Annie Awards and six Emmy Awards. Thankfully, Hulu picked up the hilarious animated comedy after Futurama was dropped by Netflix in 2017. 

Happy Endings

Transport the gang from Friends into the future, add weed and some more adult humor and what do you get? ABC's three-season goldmine comedy Happy Endings. Despite the fact that HE never got the critical reception it deserved, the jokes fly a mile a minute and are equal parts razor-sharp and pop-culture friendly. Hitting the sweet spot in-between the romantic comedy genre and satisfying group ensemble vibe, Happy Endings is a worthwhile watch, hands down. 

Dead Like Me 

While the premise of following around a small team of grim reapers as they conduct their business of shepherding souls into the afterlife sounds like grim, grizzly viewing, Dead Like Me offers enough witticism to balance out the somber subject matter. Exploring issues like regret, last words, and the impact death can have on those left behind, Dead Like Me is the perfect solution for a heavy dramedy series to balance out your bingeing palate. 

New Girl 

On par with Happy Endings in the group ensemble department, New Girl puts a new spin on the tried and true friendship formula employed by most successful sitcoms. Enjoying an impressive seven-season run, New Girl follows Zooey Deschanel's Jess as she bonds with her three male roommates and her best friend Cece while balancing the mounting pressures of adulthood.