Sometimes finding the right, or rather, perfect playlist is the hardest thing in the world.

Spotify offers users several methods of finding the right playlist for the right moment, but it might not always fit the narrative of your emotions. The clever algorithms of the streaming platform can detect what music you will most likely enjoy, but still, thousands of users find themselves hitting the “next” button and skipping through suggested playlists and songs. That being said, it can also be extremely time-consuming to create your own playlists, so it becomes tricky when locating the perfect playlists for yourself, that are ready-made.

Maybe you need something to clear your mind during a late-night drive. Or possibly, you’re throwing a house party and you need a playlist massive enough to allow you to enjoy your surroundings without worrying about being the DJ all night. That’s where we got your back. Contained in this list are the ten playlists on Spotify which are all perfect for different occasions. You won’t find “Rap Caviar” or a “Daily Mix” playlists here, however. Most of these playlists were found by digging through discussion forms, experimenting with different searches, and just naturally running into them on the daily grind. Many of these playlists aren’t even overtly popular, they are more like the hidden gems of Spotify. From hard hitting trap records to lyrical masterpieces, reggae jams to R&B bangers, these are the Spotify playlists you need in your life right now.

Let us know your favorite Spotify playlists in the comments, and while we're here, take a look at some of our own Spotify playlists below (and stay tuned for another shameless plug later in the list).

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