Superhero movies are the leading form of entertainment in Hollywood. The billions and billions pumped into the box office through the lucrative comic movie machine has caused studios to rush out any hero film they can. The market may be saturated, but the demand is so high that studios could care less. We've been hit with multiple superhero movies a year for the last decade, and it doesn't look like the fabled "comic book movie fatigue" will be kicking in anytime soon. Although there are dozens upon dozens of comic book films, the true classics stand out amongst the duds. 

Some comic book movies change the way we look at the world. I know The Dark Knight did that for me. Others launch entire universes off the strength of one immaculate performance, such as Iron Man. Then, there are the classic films that influenced actors and directors for decades such as Superman II. Sifting through the heap of films was difficult, and more than a few films just missed the cut. For example, Spider-Man 2 lingered on the list until a last-second revision. Sorry, Tobey. There will be some obvious choices on our list, but there might be a film or two that surprises you. When it comes to saving the world, and making waves in the industry, these are the best superhero movies of all time.