After going viral, The Breakfast Club wanted to clear up a few things. Yesterday (November 17), a clip of their Rumor Report circulated after Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy lamented over Megan Thee Stallion's GQ interview. The rapper discussed, in detail, the controversial shooting incident that occurred back in July. "Meg was supposed to be here this week but she um...they had a long laundry list of things not to talk to her about and it was all Tory Lanez and that situation-related," said Charlamagne. "I just don't like when artists go to White publications and spill their guts but when they come to the Black media outlets they have a long list of things not to talk about."

DJ Envy added, "I think it's crazy because when she does White publications, she's able to talk and talk about everything that she wants to talk about but when she goes to the Black press and Black publications, there's a list that the label sends out that [says], 'Don't ask her about this, don't talk about this, don't talk about that... But we the ones that support her and hold her down and play her music and talk about all the good things that she does and go through all that stuff." 

Today (November 18), the radio show wanted to address previous comments. "We have always shown love to Meg The Stallion," Angela Yee began. "I've personally interviewed Meg The Stallion several times, she's always been amazing so I wanted to say that first and foremost before we clear some things up... Don't put that on Meg because I don't think she's the person sending out—like Envy said it's the label that sends it out. This was never a shot at Megan Thee Stallion. She never said, 'I'm not doing The Breakfast Club' or any of those things."

Yee added that it wasn't just Tory Lanez that couldn't be discussed as the rapper's New York Times op-ed was off of the table. Charlamagne added, "Salute to Megan. We're sending her love, light, and energy. Like you said, Yee, I think people missed the part where we said we're a hundred percent sure it's the label. It's the representatives." He also made it clear that his comments didn't have anything to do with the rapper and were targeted at labels "not keeping the same energy for Black media outlets and publications that they do with the White ones."

Charlamagne also said that he doesn't want Megan to have to "relive her trauma" by speaking about the shooting incident again, "but it's about principle."

Listen to their explanation below.