Facing an increasingly volatile and potentially reputation-destroying controversy, the powers behind the Cosmopolitan Hotel have decided that an apology was indeed the wisest course of action. TMZ reports that the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino intends to offer Meek Mill a public apology after threatening to have him arrested over "trespassing" claims. Yet Meek and his attorney Joe Tacopina claimed that the Cosmopolitan engaged in discriminatory practices, an accusation they bolstered through many additional testimonies; it didn't take long for 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Swae Lee, Yo Gotti, BlocBoy JB, and even OJ Simpson to vouch against the Hotel on Meek's behalf. 

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Though Cosmopolitan initially swore against any wrongdoing, especially where claims of a rapper "blacklist" were concerned, it would appear they have come to see the error of their ways. TMZ's report indicates that the hotel will offer up a "significant public apology," which Meek will apparently accept. With that in mind, we can expect to see the apology and Meek's subsequent thoughts in the coming days. As of now, the lawsuit has been called off, and everybody appears ready and willing to walk away from this debacle.

All things considered, it's a big win for Meek, and for hip-hop in general. If the "rapper blacklist" did indeed exist somewhere in the Cosmopolitan ledger, perhaps it's time to put the lighter to it. What do you think of how this one unfolded?


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