While 2018 has been a glorious year thus far, rest assured there are still a few surprises in the pipeline. It would appear that Grammy-Award winning singer The-Dream is set to make his mark on the concluding year in a massive way. The news arrives after The-Dream confirmed the existence of three forthcoming albums, and now, we officially have a release date for the potential trilogy: December 21st, 2018. From the look of it, Dream is on his Dr. Dre energy, harkening back to one of the greatest rap singles of all time. 

Though his announcement deems it a return, Dream implies that such a label is actually a misnomer. "I Never Fuc*ing Left!" he writes, insinuating that his presence has been alive and well, entrenched in the game's very lifeblood. If that wasn't enough, The-Dream has tagged a preview of the liner notes, including names like Mike WiLL Made-It, Los Da Mystro, and more. 

Many have already begun speculating that Dream will be dropping his long-awaited Sex Tape trilogy. In that case, expect google searches for "The-Dream Sex Tape" to multiply tenfold.