Seven years ago, a rapper from Washington D.C. captured the nation's attention with a mixtape based on one of the most successful sitcoms of all-time. In just under two weeks, Wale will be releasing the long-awaited album companion to that Seinfeld-inspired Mixtape About Nothing, but the road he's traveled between '08 and 2015 isn't what you'd expect from his hipster-friendly, underground beginnings.

In that relatively short period of time, we've seen Wale try on a number of hats, with his path best represented by a chronological collaboration history that includes The Roots, Lady Gaga, Rick Ross, Fat Trel and Chance The Rapper. In order to track the evolution of his career, sound and label situation, we've organized Folarin's years in the game into four sections, with each covering a distinct moment in his life. 

Read on to trace the evolution of one of the most gifted MCs in the game.