Yes, we all know that Disney bought Fox and now both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are back with Marvel. The MCU will be getting a lot bigger, which is why they could take chances by killing off someone like Iron Man. Soon, we'll have the likes of Wolverine, The Human Torch, Storm, The Thing, Cyclops, and more running around with the Avengers. And The Falcon and The Winter Soldier just took a huge step in making that happen. 

This week's episode, entitled "Power Broker," brought The Falcon and Winter Soldier to Madripoor. The fictional location plays a big role in X-Men history. Wolverine's favorite bar, Princess Bar, even makes a quick appearance. For Marvel to specifically bring these two characters to Madripoor and show us Logan's favorite spot wasn't enough though. 

Falcon and Bucky end up meeting with a character called Selby. In the comics, Selby had a brief appearance in the X-Men offshoot Excalibur. Selby was a man in the comics, although they gender-swapped him for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. At this point, it's apparent that Marvel is slowly building X-Men lore so that they can introduce them. Which member of the main X-Men crew do you think they'll bring to the screen first?