Rappers may occasionally feel like larger than life figures, but every so often, we're reminded of our similarities. Case in point, come Thursday, all The Game wants to do is kick off a grueling video game session. With NBA 2K20 arriving on September 6th, The Game took to Instagram to show off an impressive addition to the upcoming installment: he's in it. And damned if it isn't an impressive doppelganger, rendered with startling accuracy down to the facial tattoos. 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"FIRST LOOK: at my #NBA2K20 my player scan @ronnie2k just sent me !!!" writes Game, sharing a screenshot of his likeness in action. "S/o to @fadesbyscales for getting me right in Las Vegas so my player could have that MJ fade runnin’ round the neighborhood lol." It's no wonder he's so eager to dole out the digital beats, inviting his fans to square up with him once the game launches at 9 pm Pacific. 

"My Gamertag is: THE GAME... hit me on #XBOX or DM me & let me know & I’ll see you Thursday night at 9 pm pacific standard time for launch !!!! I have a lot in store for you guys this season.. STAY TUNED !!!" Any Xbox gamers looking to hit the courts with Game? If so, you know exactly what to do. Now, if only they could make a Def Jam-esque fighting game with these graphics...