The Game is tired of the disrespect. In a new video that he posted to Instagram, the rapper says that he's cutting off his loved ones who failed to acknowledge him on Father's Day, revealing that only one of his children reach out to him this weekend.

The six-minute video sees the rapper going through a range of emotions as he calls out his children and their mothers for ignoring him on Father's Day this year. He says that only his oldest son, Harlem, bought him a gift (some cologne) and called him, noting that his other kids were absent on his special day. He said that it's nothing personal but he's planning on cutting off his other children as a result.

"I know who I am as a father. Can't nobody tell me that I'm not the type of father that deserves praise, deserves notice," said The Game. "And I'm not saying go out and buy a n***a a Lamborghini or nothing like that but to be post-Father's Day, to be on this video, making this video, and to really have nothing to show for it, it's just unacceptable. It's crazy and I'm really not fucking with it. So today is the day where, if you're in my life and you're close to me and I've done what I've done for you and I've taken care of you and looked after you for several years, and you know that you didn't show up on Father's Day with any type of appreciation, today is the day that I cut you off. It's nothing personal but actions scream louder than words. I'm tired of the disrespect but I've gotta do something about it. And I hate to bring it to social media but there might be other fathers out there who feel unappreciated and might need to know that they're not alone."

The Game also said that he received some thoughtful messages from absolute strangers, spotting some videos of other famous fathers getting spoiled this weekend. He's seemingly disappointed in his children, taking to Instagram to voice his frustrations.

Watch his full video below. What do you think?