For weeks, people have been freaking out over the possibility of Diddy and Lori Harvey being more than just friends. The two have been spotted together on several occasions and they've seemingly been trying to keep a low profile, entering restaurants at different times and avoiding any direct companionship in public. This weekend, Puffy and his alleged model girlfriend had lunch in Italy with her parents, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, which only led fans to freak out further. Commenting on a photo of the lunch double date, The Game decided to give his two cents, wishing the possible couple well and urging everybody else to back off.

As reported by Capital Xtra, The Game decided to speak on the ongoing dating rumors between Diddy and his 22-year-old fling, noting that if they're enjoying themselves, why would anybody stop them? "If people are happy, let em be," wrote the Los Angeles rapper in an IG comment. Some fans took issue with his defense of the rumored couple, replying that if his daughter brought home a man twice her age when she grows up, he probably wouldn't be too pleased. Still, Game is sticking to his guns on this one.

Do you think Diddy and Lori's relationship is inappropriate or are they fine?