The Game and Meek Mill are in the midst of a bitter beef that began when Game accused Meek of accusing Game's entourage of assaulting and stealing Sean Kingston's $300,000 chain at a Los Angeles nightclub. While Meek has vehemently denied Game's allegations, Game went on Ebro's Beats 1 radio show to explain why he considers Meek to be a rat, and why he just dropped a second "Meeky Mouse" diss.

The Game told Ebro the story of that fateful night at the beginning of summer, when him, Meek, and Kingston all attended the same club in Los Angeles. It was Meek Mill's first trip to the West Coast following his stint under house arrest. The Game sent Meek a bottle of Rosé and told him to be safe in the midst of a recent wave of robberies in Los Angeles.  "I didn't do the same thing [to Sean Kingston] because he's an R&B singer and I didn't think I needed to," he said.

After Kingston got robbed, Game left. Kingston called Game's phone and told him that Meek said Game had set Kingston up.

Game called Meek. According to Game, Meek told him, "Nah, I didn't tell that fat motherfucker nothing, I'mma call him on three-way!"

In the ensuing three-way phone call, Sean Kingston repeated that Meek had said that Game had set him up.

"And at the end of the day, the things that Sean Kingston told me about me about what Meek told him is part of the conversation I just had with Meek when I handed him the bottle, so I know for a fact that that's what he said," Game said. "So when I say 'the rat' or 'the snitching,' it ain't that he went and told the feds I had bricks in the trunk and I'm facing 25-to-life, it's like, I gave you some intel about what was going on in LA at the time. You took that and twisted it and told Sean Kingston that Game had something to do with you being robbed."

Ebro asked if it is possible that Sean Kingston misunderstood Meek Mill, Game responded, "Anything is possible."

Listen to the full conversation below.

Meanwhile, Game is still taking Instagram shots at Meek and Omelly. Mm, mm, mm...