This is the time of year when people who normally prefer playing the field turn their focus towards finding a winter-beater to lay low and cozy up during the cold months. Even Tiffany Haddish is claiming to be "sick of being single," telling her fans she's down for some DM sliding. The Game seems to be part of the lot considering his latest "fitness" progress picture.

The rapper hopped on Instagram to flaunt his physical fitness, like the "regular n*gga" he is. As such, he's on some "regular n*gga" sh*t, setting a thirst trap for his female fans. He warns their male counterparts that looking at his picture for too long would be "sus af." Seems like the West coast artist wants to make sure people are aware that he doesn't swing that way, even though the Hip Hop scene is constantly being labeled as "gay AF."

Feast your eyes on the tatted up dude (for a split second).

"It ain’t Monday & it damn sho ain’t Friday... no hashtags. Just a regular n*gga with new fitness goals. If one person is motivated, my job is done. #HappyTuesday yall. [important message: any male looking at this picture longer than .0 seconds is sus af] okay ladies where were we #GetARealManOrShutUp"