With so many artists and major companies drifting away from Michael Jackson after Leaving Neverland aired this month, a few people are speaking up to defend the King of Pop, attempting to keep his legacy intact. Obviously, if Michael Jackson did sexual abuse Wade Robson and James Safechuck, he shouldn't be celebrated any longer. However, many just aren't buying their stories after both men formerly swore that their relationship was simply as friends. The Game has offered his two cents after MJ's music was banned from radio stations in Canada and New Zealand, noting that the facts are on Jacko's side.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"Facts don't lie, people do," posted the West Coast rapper, adding an "Innocent" sticker over Michael Jackson's mouth. Game is one of the first to publicly support the legend. This week, we saw a museum remove one of his statues and Drake also axed "Don't Matter To Me" from his tour, which is his Scorpion collab with the artist. Game added a middle finger emoji as his caption, asking people to "let the king rest." 

The comments section is pretty messy with both supporters of Jackson defending the singer and his haters chiming in as well. The Game doesn't ever shy away from sharing his opinion. Are you on his side or against him on this topic?