You must be a damn fool for trying to rob anyone's home, but three men who attempted to break into Jayceon Terrell Taylor's home (The Game) are probably sleeping with one eye open tonight. As we know Jayceon was at the BET Awards this past weekend and a trio of guys took advantage of his outing by showing up at his home and trying to break in. We only know this since Jayceon posted the video on Instagram that shows the men walking around his property covering their faces. 

"These niggas was on the ground checking the windows & doors for sensors & once they saw house was secure, & my 2 Rottweilers were in the crib they aborted mission," he captioned the videos on Instagram, explaining how one of them looks familiar. Unfortunately for the men, The Game seemingly doesn't want to involve the police. 

"What they didn’t realize wit they dumb ass is the neighbors got cameras too & where they parked they car the plate was visible.... No need to call police, we gone see how you like niggas in all black at yo crib !!!," he added.  

Check out The Game's full caption below and keep it locked for updates, this does not seem like it will end pretty.