The love is unconditional for two west coast veterans. One can already imagine The Game & Nipsey Hussle cruising around Los Angeles, getting respect from all walks of like, regardless of affiliation. It's simply evident in the way they carry themselves; respect is a must. Now, with Game hard at work at his self-professed "last album," it's no surprise that he's pulling out all the stops, calling in the big homies for one last hurrah.

The Game recently took to Instagram to document the studio process, captioning the post with an truncated exchange that all but gets the point across. "“Aye Nip, pull up...” writes Game, before replying in Nipsey's voice. “Aye Chuck, on my way." Clearly, it's no questions asked between Game and Nip. When one calls, the other puts everything down to come through. And why not? It seems as if both men have much in common, primarily the desire to get "higher than giraffe pussy." It would appear that both rappers seemed to cap off the studio session by getting high as all hell.

It's good to know that Game is still working hard on his new album, and tapping the likes of Nipsey Hussle for assistance. It bodes well for those hoping for a west-coast celebration, and one can only imagine who Game will be able to land for his big send-off. Peep the pictures below.