The California Wildfires have taken the homes of many residents, especially those who reside in Malibu. The natural disaster is a tragedy courtesy of Mother Nature, but The Game seemingly disagrees. The rapper stated how he "low key" thinks the fires were started as a distraction from the tragic Thousand Oaks shooting.

As we know, 12 lives were taken after a man walked into Borderline Bar & Grill and open fired before taking his own life. 

"Power out, barely any phone service, neighborsgone (my good white people be outta there boy) fuckin phone on 8% & this shit headed straight for us. I can’t abandon the fort tho !!!! Gotta hold it down," Jayceon Taylor captioned a video showing the fire inching closer to his home. "[BUT AYE, YOU KNOW I’M SMART & ALWAYS LOOK AT THE ENTIRE PICTURE.... LOWKEY GOT A FEELING THIS FIRE WAS STARTED BY SOMEONE OR SOMEONE(S) TO DIVERT ATTENTION FROM THE MASS SHOOTING IN THOUSAND OAKS 2 DAYS AGO]."

The Game hasn't given more detail on his theory, but his latest post shows the smoke blowing away from his home so we assume his home is in good shape.