Recent events focused on the victimization of Black women have affected The Game along with those who continue to discuss the societal issues that have created an environment for such narratives to unfold. The rapper has expressed empathy for these victims in a short statement he published on social media.

He begins by citing the predicaments of the women who gave their testimonies in the documentary series as well as the legal injustice imposed on Cyntoia Brown and the murder of Jazmine Barnes. Then, he offers a call to action. "Now is the time to give black women as much love & respect as possible. Especially our babies," he wrote."The things you all have to go through to have your voice heard is disheartening & the length of time between the situation or its occurrence & the people actually starting to give a f+!? is sickening."

These lines are in reference to the decades it took for R. Kelly's alleged victims to gain the public's concern. It also speaks to the 15 years Cyntoia Brown has served for defending herself against a man who purchased her through the sex slavery trade.

"I pray for your strength & the strength of those who are weakened by mass manipulators in this world. A lot of times mental abuse, mind control & ones calculated manipulative nature can be just as bad & damaging as physical abuse. I see, hear & notice what's going on now & will no longer turn a blind eye to the obvious. I am sorry you've all had to ensure so much & I truly admire your fortitude. You are not alone. I am with YOU."