All he wanted to do was give a few positive thoughts on Twitter, but somehow the moment rehashed The Game's legal battle with Priscilla Rainey. The rapper has been regularly sharing thoughts and musings on social media, including a tweet that went viral on Wednesday (June 16). "Let’s normalize being normal," Game wrote. "You don’t need a Chanel bag or a BBL to be considered beautiful & feel like you’re more of a woman."

"And my n*ggas, working a regular job & driving a cool lil whip is still cool af to me," he added. "Stop letting this social media sh*t f*ck y’all heads up !!!" It all seemed simple enough, and The Neighborhood Talk reposted the message with a caption that reads, "The Game with a message [eyeball emoji] Has he paid that 7 million yet?" They were referring to Rainey's case against the rapper.

The Game isn't one to miss a beat, so he interjected. "Nope, n he ain’t...," he commented on the post. Back in 2016, we reported that The Game was ordered to pay Rainey a $7 million judgment after she accused him of sexual assault. Rainey was one of several contestants on She's Got Game, a VH1 dating reality show that aired back in 2015. Rainey accused the rapper of inappropriate contact, stating that he "forcefully reach[ed] his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks." 

Throughout the trial and beyond, Game has maintained his innocence. Check out his post below.