Even years after his heyday in the music industry and although he's behind bars, Suge Knight's name is still feared in the streets. The former rap mogul was sitting on top of the world as a wealthy businessman and owner of Death Row Records, however, he was also known as a gangster who use unscrupulous methods to get his way.

Robert Mora/Getty Images

Earlier on in his career, The Game was well aware of Suge Knight's reputation because he grew up in Los Angeles. Game said some unfavorable things about Suge in his music, a move that Suge didn't appreciate. In an interview with Nick Cannon, who is reportedly helping pen Suge's autobiography, Game recalls how he earned the Death Row legend's respect. 

"I've been face-to-face with Suge, on both sides," he said. "Suge rolled up on me one time after the Vibe Awards after-party with like, 60 gangsters. He wanted to press for something I said in my song about him, which I said it because I'm from Compton. I'm really from Compton. And I felt like Death Row and Suge and that whole era took so many lives that didn't get mentioned. In the city. A couple of those was friends and big homies. So, I said a few things about Suge that he didn't like and they rolled up on me."

The 25-year-old Game for ready for action and wasn't going to let Suge and his crew intimidate him. "I wasn't having no type of back down. I drew my gun on all of them and I held my own and from that day forward, it was nothing but respect with Suge," Game added. "I throw jabs sometimes, mainly 'cause I can and everybody knows that I'm an asshole sometimes, so that's what I do. I talked to Suge from the inside and he does have a different perspective on life and he should have a different perspective on life because where else do you go from here with being how you used to be? Suge's gotta be 50 plus."

No matter what Suge's reputation may be in hip hop and the streets, Game said that "we can't take away what he did give, the [Tupac] albums, the Snoop albums, the who Death Row." Watch Game and Nick chop it up about music below.