Around the same time his former G-Unit associate took a stroll down memory lane, Compton rapper The Game took a moment to look back on his own formative years, framed as an inspirational message for those feeling down on their luck. 

"I remember a time when I had $26 to my name & was scared to spend it," he writes. "Didn’t know where the next meal was coming from. Slept in my car in Hollywood just to wake up in the action & pass out my demo.... never give up, your dreams live around the corner from your struggle!!"

The Game

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It's hard not to remember his classic line from Nas' "Hustlers," a Dr. Dre-produced highlight off Hip-Hop Is Dead: "1995, eleven years from today / I'm in the record shop with choices to make / Illmatic on the top shelf, The Chronic on the left, homie / Wanna cop both but only got a 20 on me / So fuck it, I stole both, spent the 20 on a dub sack." Perhaps then, we have an answer as to what The Game ultimately spent his money on. 

In all seriousness, it's inspiring to see Game reflecting on his rags-to-riches trajectory, which emerged as a result of hard work, dedication, and a sharp mind for bars. By now, it's no secret that Game's early mixtape catalog ultimately caught the ear of Dr. Dre, and now, The Documentary is widely hailed as an undeniable hip-hop classic. To think that there was once a time when Game was living in such an uncertain state is certainly hard to believe, but clearly, he still remembers where he came from. Check out his reflective words below, and sound off if you would appreciate some new music from The Game.