The Game is back with more motivation posts accompanied by a photo of Nipsey Hussle. Since the unfortunate passing of the beloved rapper, The Game has been updating fans endlessly with images of Nipsey along with passages about enjoying every day to the fullest and fighting to achieve your goals. 

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic/Getty

The rapper's latest share to his feed follows the same sentiments with a message to kick start your Monday. "Get YOU ready to go out into the world & be productive on any level where excellence is required. Spread as much positivity & love as you possibly can & be open to receive it as well," he wrote. 

He added how some people may have already started their week off on a bad note, but that can sometimes be due to someone allowing other's negative energy to sway them. "We “fly swatting” the shit out of negative people today & continuing on the path to our own personal greatness. That will have a domino affect & allow other’s around to feel the power of your positivity & question their daily motives," he added. 

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