For the last few days, the hip-hop community's unified hatred of Tomi Lahren has intensified. After a few weeks with no drama on her side, the controversial news reporter decided to chime in on the 21 Savage situation, making a distasteful joke about his ICE arrest. Since then, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj temporarily put aside their feud to focus on a common enemy. Both female rappers targeted her in their proper responses to her tweet with Cardi threatening to "dog walk" her once again. Now, The Game has spoken out and his reaction may be the loudest yet.

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

As you would expect with Game, he does not mince his words, lashing out at Tomi in a forceful manner. "This cum gargling, microwaved carrot skinned, 90 year old white man body havin slut @tomilahren always got sumn slick to say," wrote the rapper. "@21savage gettin detained by ICE is not funny nor anything for ya middle of the mall clip in wearin’ hoe ass to be joking about. You the same dumb broad that was singin the lyrics to his song not along ago... now using his situation & the culture deep down you love so much for content on ya bum ass twitter page etc...."

Game pushed a little harder, continuing, "Obviously all that black athlete semen you swallowed at UNLV is starting to seep into that cracked skull of yours." He concluded the rant by advising Lahren to stay away from the tanning salon because, in his words, she's starting to look like a "sick tangerine."

The West Coast artist isn't the first to speak out against Tomi Lahren and he certainly won't be the last.