For almost three years, The Game has been caught up in a neverending sexual assault case against Priscilla Rainey. Rainey was a contestant on "She's Got Game," a reality show that was created for The Game to find his new romantic match. She filed a lawsuit against the rapper in 2015, writing that he had sexually assaulted her by forcefully reaching under her dress and rubbing her bare vagina and buttocks with his hand. Rainey previously won a $7 million judgment against Game but she believes that since he's been skipping out on court dates, he should face the consequences behind bars.

According to The Blast, Rainey has filed legal documents to combat The Game as he's reportedly pushing to have his warrant dismissed. The alleged victim is accusing Game of failing to explain a number of large cash deposits he's received over the last few months, which would be relevant to their case. His marijuana business and several entertainment companies have gone largely unspoken for and Rainey wants a better understanding of why he's been holding back information. He was previously ordered to hand over his bank statements and Rainey says that he has not cooperated completely. 

As of now, the warrant is still active. Rainey claims that she has not seen a single penny from the previous judgment, which Game is fighting as well.